Requested documents:


1. Paying the annual membership dues


2. Two 3 × 4 cm photography.


3. Medical council certificate copy or taste educational document.


4. Completion of membership request form.


Benefits of membership in association:


1. Reception of sleep medicine news bulletin.


2. Information reception from internal and external related congress.


3. Possibility of taking part in workshops and the association scandals.


4. Possibility of reception consultation in sleep medicine research.


5. Possibility of using of the association database.


6. Taking part in investigational projects related to sleep medicine, proportional to individual specialty.


Cancellation membership:


Membership in the association membership ends by:


1. Member written resignation.


2. Lack of membership annually payment in reprieve appointment by board of directors.


3. If the association executive board wants to constellating membership of one member, after announcing reason of it, to related member, will take necessary action.


4. Membership dispensing and canceling in the association before end of it, residual won't return.


Students' membership:


Medical and dentistry student and related sciences can be an association member by paying annual membership dues with a copy of student identification card.




Important notes about the association membership:


1. The association membership doesn’t mean practice certificate in sleep medicine fields.


2. The association issues a membership card for every member after receipting registration form and then sends it for members.


3. Membership lasts one year and after that by paying membership fee and sending original account with membership card.


4. The individuals who passed the workshops and got certificate, should pass the rural stages for practicing in sleep medicine.


5. The association membership doesn’t mean to healing, research and educational centers and organization, and commercial companies activity in sleep medicine and all must pass the rular stages.


6. Paying membership fee won’t create any claim or bride to the association finance for members.